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Retrica apk Nowadays it´s very hard to find an useful application or even choose among the photos editors you can find in the market, Android or iOS. The main inconvenience is to read all of the users reviews from or install an application that you will delete later on, and so on during lots of hours in the day.

But finally, and we know you´ll love this, we have found the all-in-one photo editor application and that gives you all the features you have been looking for. Retrica, developed by Bootslabs, is an app that lets you apply filters and vintages before and after taking a picture, how is this possible?


Retrica online


Sometimes many of us find a way to install and run an application in our smartphones, iPods, computers with emulator or iPad, but sometimes the very same app we want and need is not available for the most of the devices.

Fortunately, Retrica is the most popular and exciting application that provides a real-time vintage filters with the highest resolution ever. Is important to mention that with this application you can apply over 24 filters to your pictures in your drive or SD card and even before taking the photo.

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Do you kow How Retrica works?

What is Retrica

Retrica online is a free mobile app for iOS and Android, that helps you take perfect selfies. The reason is mainly due to its multiple editing tools, making it easy to improve the quality of the photos taken with the camera on the front, that are usually of poorer quality.


Filters, borders and collages

Retrica apk There are many editing options, with more than 80 filters, most with a retro-style filter, 22 templates for collages, and the possibility of adding borders, blurring photos, using timers, etc. You can take photos using the app or choose one for your album. In addition, the app makes it possible to add a watermark so that the image can’t be used without citing its source.

Editing after…or before

A special feature of Retrica is that you can edit the photo before or after taking it. You can experiment with the different filters to see which ones look best. If you need some advice you can check out our article on.

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Have a beautiful photo with Retrica Camera

First of all, install and open the app (you’ll see you don’t need to register). The first step is to select the camera  Retrica you’d like to use: frontal or back? You can change cameras by clicking on the top right button on the screen.


Right under the retrica camera image there’s an orange menu with several buttons. With the first button you can choose the size of the image or, if you’d like to create a collage,how you want it to be; with the second you can choose a circular smoked effect, with the third you can choose a tilt-shift effect, the fourth is to choose a simple frame and the last is to select a timer.

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Retrica is great!

Download Retrica now!

Retrica app is the best filter camera app to capture and share your experience with friends. Take photo or video with 125 handpicked gorgeous filters to show a variety of style. Download now and join the other happy 300 million users.

Retrica is a photo app that allows you to apply different filters to your photos, just like Instagram does. However, unlike Instagram, Retrica will allow you to apply those filters in real time, so you can see how a photo will look even before you take it.

In total, Retrica includes more than eighty different filters with many different styles, although all of them have a ‘vintage’ spin to them. You will find filters with sepia tones, black and white tones, muted tones, etc. There are definitely filters for all different tastes and (almost) every color.

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Retrica is great!

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Retrica camera

Features and characteristics:
– Collage shot: Create a beautiful collage. You can also turn your smart phone into a Photo Booth for fun occasions.
– Beauty Filter: Capture what you see on the screen with real-time filter 125.
– Video & Gif: Simply press and hold the shutter button to start recording what is happening around you. You can covert your video with a touch GIF
– Gesture Actions: Double-tap the screen to easily switch cameras or long press on the screen to take a photo.
– Random filter: Just press a random filter when you want to be surprised. Discover how a change of filter can change images and videos Full
– Share: Upload to social media platforms your favorites like Facebook and Instagram

There are too many features and characteristics so you can prioritize Retrica

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