Download Retrica for iPad, iphone


Retrica apk Nowadays it´s very hard to find an useful application or even choose among the photos editors you can find in the market, Android or iOS. The main inconvenience is to read all of the users reviews from or install an application that you will delete later on, and so on during lots of hours in the day.

But finally, and we know you´ll love this, we have found the all-in-one photo editor application and that gives you all the features you have been looking for. Retrica, developed by Bootslabs, is an app that lets you apply filters and vintages before and after taking a picture, how is this possible?


Retrica online


Sometimes many of us find a way to install and run an application in our smartphones, iPods, computers with emulator or iPad, but sometimes the very same app we want and need is not available for the most of the devices.

Fortunately, Retrica is the most popular and exciting application that provides a real-time vintage filters with the highest resolution ever. Is important to mention that with this application you can apply over 24 filters to your pictures in your drive or SD card and even before taking the photo.

Link download Retrica:

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