Do you kow How Retrica works?

What is Retrica

Retrica online is a free mobile app for iOS and Android, that helps you take perfect selfies. The reason is mainly due to its multiple editing tools, making it easy to improve the quality of the photos taken with the camera on the front, that are usually of poorer quality.


Filters, borders and collages

Retrica apk There are many editing options, with more than 80 filters, most with a retro-style filter, 22 templates for collages, and the possibility of adding borders, blurring photos, using timers, etc. You can take photos using the app or choose one for your album. In addition, the app makes it possible to add a watermark so that the image can’t be used without citing its source.

Editing after…or before

A special feature of Retrica is that you can edit the photo before or after taking it. You can experiment with the different filters to see which ones look best. If you need some advice you can check out our article on.

Link download Retrica:

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