Some additional features about Retrica

Let´s see some additional features about Retrica:

  • Prepare for Instagram, as you can see you can use the same type of filter as Instagram does.
  • Various layout, you can find over 22 collages models
  • Border selectable.
  • Self-Times, as your camera does, with Retrica you set the time when you´re ready!
  • Import Pictures, You can take all of the pictures you have saved in your SD card or phone memory and apply any filter you want.
Retrica Camera

So far you have read about the greatest features of Retrica and why this is a very interesting application you need to try, obviously you will keep it. You can run Retrica in Android 2.2 or above, the app size is just 14MB for Android and 39.1MB for iOS.

Just remember that Retrica requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible since iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S.

Link download Retrica:

See more:


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